My Teacher

My Teacher © 2001, 2015

In memory of Mrs. Graf

In September, I tried with all my muscle power to open the big heavy blue door, but it wouldn’t budge. Just when I thought I would have an accident (the kind you’re not supposed to have when you get to Senior Kindergarten), the door flung open and a big kid ran out.  I ran as fast as I could. I guess I wasn’t looking ’cause I ran right into my teacher. I felt a little scared because I was running and you’re not supposed to run in the school. But, when I looked at my teacher’s soft face and her sparkly eyes I knew everything would be okay.

“And what can I do for you?” She said in a chipper voice.

Well, I knew I had to get going real fast or I’d be going all over the place so I blurted out, “bafroom…I need the bafroom!” …

I wrote this story after learning that my friend and fellow colleague, Mrs. Paulette Graf, passed away in a tragic car accident.  Get to know the wonderful Mrs Graf and how one of her students coped with learning of her death through this work of fiction.

If you are interested in reading more or would like the opportunity to view the manuscript for publication please visit my contact page.  Thank you.