Adilah’s Avocado


This story is dedicated to the children of the Welcome Home Children’s Centre in Haiti who stole my heart in May of 2014.




Although quite little, Adilah had big ideas. Her ideas were bigger than her huge avocado-shaped eyes. Her ideas were much larger than the small country of Haiti where she lived.


Adilah’s eyes were even the colour of an avocado. Not the brown-green colour of the ripe, bumpy avocado skin and not the tawny, smooth brown colour of the slippery pit. Adilah had rich, creamy green eyes, the colour of the fleshy inside of the avocado.


Even Adilah’s favourite food was avocados. “Vitamin rich,” Grann would say as she cut around it to expose the pit. Chopped up, drizzled with lime juice, added to mango and sprinkled with salt and pepper, avocado made a delicious snack.


Together Grann and Adilah shared one last avocado. Adilah held her eyes tight, squeezing out the tears. She thought about the great plane that would fly her over to Canada, her new home, far away from all she ever knew. It had been just a few years since the horrible earthquake that took both her momma and poppa away…




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