Her Name is Laura Margaret

© 2000, 2015

Dedicated to Dakota and Laura

(aka Little Buddy and Honey Bunny)

I love you more than myself

Early, early on Sunday morning Daddy took Mommy to the hospital so she could get my baby sister.  When I woke up I found my big cousin Conor asleep on the couch.

After breakfast Conor made a gigantic fort with me. We used all the blankets we had in the house.  Then we played hide and seek. My cousin Conor was real easy to find because he couldn’t fit into small places like I can.  After lunch we made homemade play dough snakes together. My cousin Conor let me stay up all day long and he didn’t make me eat my peas at dinnertime. I like my cousin Conor.

On Monday, Daddy brought Mommy and my new baby sister home from the hospital. She was wrapped up in a pink blankie with silky soft trim. Only her face peeked out. She had crinkly skin and a smushed nose, but she was cute all right, because she was my new baby sister.

“Her name is Laura Margaret”, Daddy said proudly.

“Waura Mawgawet”, I repeated, touching her little velvety cheek gently with my fingers.

“Laura Margaret”, Mommy began and then she told me that she is named Laura after Daddy’s Nonna and Margaret after Mommy’s Grandma. I smiled for the rest of the day because Laura Margaret is my new baby sister.

On Tuesday, Grandpa Don and Grammie Callista came to visit Laura Margaret for the very first time. They drove all day and all night just to see her. I knew my baby sister was special.

Grandpa Don and Grammie Callista brought me a big yellow dump truck filled with polished rocks of every colour.  They brough Laura Margaret lacey bibs and frilly dresses that Mommy ooohhed and ahhhed over.

When Grandpa Don saw Laura Margaret for the first time his glasses got all steamed up and he said, “She’s the cutest little honey bunny I every did see!”

Grammie Callista added, “that’s what we’ll call her, Honey Bunny!” …


In this story you will find out what happened as additional names were given to Laura Margaret by other family members as they arrived to welcome her into the family. 

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